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Dros Couture is curated collection inspired by European high fashion, owned and created by model and style maven Kate Dros. Here, you will find most desirable pieces to match your personal signature style, or the unique fashion mood you woke up in today! You can choose from  romantic looks, contemporary looks, or the even edgiest styles, all influenced by the global fashion capitols of  London, Paris, New York and Milan . We travel the globe to find unique luxury designs, and bring them home to you. Dros Couture also collaborates directly with designers who create new, sophisticated and glamorous gowns, so you can make a fabulous entrance at your next party .

At Dros Couture, we are on track to become a progressive leader in on-line fashion, representing the very best brands and clothing.

Our amazing Fashion Advisers will give you a personalized welcome, and will be delighted to accompany you as you discover our great products, and find the looks that's just right for you.

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